T-Mobile Limited Edition Fender Phone & TV Campaign
To create a standout mobile device unique to the marketplace, while creating a halo effect that resonated across the entire brand.

We joined forces with T-Mobile’s CMO to develop the first guitar inspired mobile phone design by licensing the Fender brand and incorporating its classic Stratocaster sunburst wood design and guitar case packaging.

Our Role
As certified vendor, represented T-Mobile in full licensing negotiation with Fender Inc. for the myTouch limited edition phone.

Strategized, conceptualized and negotiated a two prong approach to bring the campaign to market, with Clapton in his first ever commercial television campaign.

Eric Clapton agreed to be part of the Fender phone advertising campaign, resulting in T-Mobile investing in a cause related program around Clapton’s Crossroads     Guitar Festival.

Oversaw Eric Clapton’s commercial shoot with T-Mobile’s ad agency Publicis West, completing a full marketing platform (print, online and television) in which both T-Mobile and Crossroads benefited.