Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festivals
VIP has worked over the past ten years on all four Crossroads Guitar Festivals, from Event development when first conceptualized in 2004 to execution of all sponsor partnerships, streaming rights, endorsements, promotions and event activations for Crossroads Guitar Festival 2004, 2007, 2010 to most recently at Madison Square Garden in NYC April 2013.

It is with great pride we can say The Crossroads at Antigua Foundation is now sustainable and funded into perpetuity. Crossroads Centre is ranked as one of the top addiction treatment centers in the world.

We also handle separate personal endorsement and licensing deals for Mr. Clapton.

• Crossroads Guitar Festival 2004
Involved in event concept/creation and production, marketing and management of the inaugural year at Dallas Cotton Bowl and Fairgrounds.  

Secured marketing, sponsorship, streaming and audio simulcast partners and tied in PBS deal. Resulted in 63M impressions in press and media coverage and one of the most successful DVD releases in Warner Brothers history at 9 times platinum sales status and counting.  Extended relationship to include lucrative multiple song licensing deal and use in Super Bowl commercial.

Guitar Center ~ Sirius ~ PBS


• Crossroads Guitar Festival 2010
Sponsorship and festival coordination and execution at Chicago's stadium, Toyota Park.

T-Mobile My Touch
American Express
Fender ~ Guitar Center ~ Ernie Ball


T-Mobile Limited Edition Fender
Phone & TV Campaign

Introduced first guitar inspired mobile phone to T-Mobile, bringing Fender Musical Instruments Corp. to the table and handled negotiations for licensing and rights deal. 

When asked to secure Eric Clapton for television campaign after he already declined, we strategized approach and delivered both TV commercial and sponsorship for Mr. Clapton’s charitable event  Crossroads Guitar Festival … big wins for both parties!


Casa Noble & Carlos Santana
Aligned Carlos Santana and Casa Noble Tequila after researching and identifying Casa Noble as a well-funded premium tequila distiller with exceptionally strong distribution channels and significant growth potential.  

It met Santana’s standard of creative excellence while honoring the rich traditions and cultural history of his family’s western Mexico heritage. Secured product endorsement and equity-based relationship for Carlos Santana.


Freschetta On The Rocks
Creation of music strategy for Freschetta Pizza & Schwan’s Global Consumer Brands. Concept, creation and execution of regional concert event (Sheryl Crow/Red Rocks Amphitheatre, CO) with national on-pack retail sweepstakes promotion.

Leveraged promotion across global hospitality event and internal incentive program with massive consumer rollout … POP displays, stand-alone website creation… all supporting promotion on 5M packages, resulting in unprecedented 70% increase in regional product sales and ongoing venue concession deal.